How to Make Gum Paste Leaves [by Victoria]

Gum paste (or fondant) leaves are a nice touch to your gum paste blossoms (simple or detailed). They’re pretty easy, and you can make a whole bunch at once and store them in a cool, dry place for later use … Continue reading

Grandma Hedge’s Chocolate Syrup Walnut Brownies [by Victoria]

I love to eat brownies. Love, love, love.¬†Not having a good brownie recipe, despite it being one of my favorite desserts, I asked around for a recipe. Much to my surprise, most everyone responded with, “I don’t have one, I … Continue reading

How to Make Ladybug Cookies [by Victoria]

In addition to Ladybug Pretzels, cookies were also made for Ms. Olivia’s hitting the big 1. I whipped up about 3 dozen of these guys, using the cookie ¬†dough and royal icing recipes in this post. One batch of cookie … Continue reading

How to Make Detailed Gum Paste Blossoms [by Victoria]

I can’t begin to talk about how much I love these blossoms. I’ve used these as a filler flower in a wedding cake floral spray, but I think they are stunning in their simplicity on their own. After rediscovering this … Continue reading

How to Make Simple Gum Paste Blossoms [by Victoria]

Gum paste blossoms are a great addition to a cupcake, or be a nice filler flower in a flower spray for a wedding cake. Even though the term “gum paste” is kind of gross (it is really just sugar, glucose, … Continue reading

Giving Tuesday [By Victoria and Erin]

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we here at Two Girls Enter One Cake Leaves would like to take this moment to introduce you to a fantastic organization, Icing Smiles. Icing Smiles started off as an organization to provide dream birthday cakes for children with terminal illnesses and their siblings. It has since expanded to provide services such as treats for Ronald McDonald Houses around the country and the “Cookie Club” which will provide everything a family needs for an ordinary day of decorating cookies. You do not need to be a professional baker to help out this wonderful organization.

Just this past year Victoria had the distinct honor of creating a dream cake for a child in need. You can take a look here (

While we know that not everyone has money to help Icing Smiles, there are multiple ways to help out this wonderful organization. For ways to help visit Icing Smiles on the web at You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter at

Happy Holidays from Victoria & Erin.

Pumpkin Cupcakes [By Erin]

I love pumpkin. And I love cupcakes. So pumpkin cupcakes are about as close to heaven as it can get for me.

In a medium bowl sift together flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, allspice, salt baking powder and baking soda. For the spices, just remember to you twice as much cinnamon as you do any of the other spices (eg, if you use 1 tsp each of the other spices, use 2 teaspoons of cinnamon). This allows you to have your cupcakes as spiced as you like. Continue reading