How to Make Gum Paste Daisies [by Victoria]

My favorite flower to make is the gum paste daisy. I don’t know why, really–maybe it’s because daisies cheer me up. They’re such a happy flower. To make a fondant or gum paste daisy, you will need: Daisy cutout set … Continue reading

How to Make Simple Gum Paste Blossoms [by Victoria]

Gum paste blossoms are a great addition to a cupcake, or be a nice filler flower in a flower spray for a wedding cake. Even though the term “gum paste” is kind of gross (it is really just sugar, glucose, … Continue reading

How to Pipe a Cupcake Swirl [by Victoria]

The Cupcake Swirl is my absolute favorite way to frost a cupcake. Ever since I learned how to do it, I have never bothered trying to use a knife or spatula again. Once you get it down pat (practice makes … Continue reading

Small Batch Quick Cocoa Cupcakes [by Victoria]

So after posting my how to fill a cupcake¬†entry, someone asked me when I’d be posting the chocolate cupcake recipe. I love making this, because the ingredients are so simple (all-purpose flour, hooray!) and pretty much a staple in any … Continue reading