About Victoria

Why I Bake
By Victoria

Ever since I was a child, I loved to bake. Cut out cookies were my favorite! Each individual cookie was its own canvas, a little piece of art to be covered in frosting and sprinkles. And if it looked ugly, I had no problem eating it to destroy any evidence that it was sub par!

Before I was even in kindergarten, my mom signed me up for a baking class with the park district. English muffin pizzas, blueberry muffins, and so on. I took my baking into the sandbox as well. Sand pies, sand muffins and cakes, all “baked” in a toy microwave and decorated with–what else–more sand!

In high school I took every foods class I could as my electives. Being in the kitchen was my favorite part of the day, aside from creative writing my senior year. But I didn’t enjoy cooking–touching raw meat, peeling potatoes, slicing vegetables–it just wasn’t my thing.

Nearly a decade later, in 2008, I made a goal for myself: I would spend the year trying out new things, finding a hobby I could be passionate about. I tried all sorts of activities, from yoga and tai chi, Zen meditation, guitar lessons, sewing lessons. I enjoyed some; others I could do without. It wasn’t until I stopped into a craft store to pick up some sewing materials that I came across a display on cake decorating. The cover of the course workbook had beautiful icing roses, and I felt instantly that I needed to learn how to make those. At the register I signed up and thus began my foray into cake decorating.

I daydream about new recipes, new sugar animals to try to create, additional flowers to learn, designs I want to try. I crave going out to the spice store and smelling the different extracts, choosing vanilla beans, picking out the best cinnamon to make a snickerdoodle cupcake. At the grocery store, I love filling my cart with bags of sugar, flour, butter and eggs. It is exciting. It is fulfilling. Most of all, it makes me incandescently happy.

I know cake can’t change the world. But it has changed a significant part of the person that is Victoria. I show my passion and love through my work. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this chronicle of two girls sharing their excitement for all things delicious, and I hope you find a hobby that makes you as happy as us.


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