About Us

Two Girls Enter, One Cake Leaves is the dual effort of Erin and Victoria’s various baking projects. Neither of us works in a spacious kitchen, as Erin bakes in an apartment and Victoria a condo. There isn’t a lot of room for fancy equipment or a different pan for every type of baked good, but we make do with the little space we have. Erin’s projects are more varied from cake, pie, and cookies, while Victoria leans primarily towards caking, specifically the decorative aspect. Neither has extensive training in the food industry, but rather the try, try, and try again method.


We are always looking for a better way to bake. If you have one please share! We love tips, tricks, and real life testimonials. Tried one of the recipes we posted? We want to hear about it.  Have a recipe that you are sure we are just going to love? Leave a comment and we’ll give it the ole’ college try.


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