How to Make Gum Paste Daisies [by Victoria]

My favorite flower to make is the gum paste daisy. I don’t know why, really–maybe it’s because daisies cheer me up. They’re such a happy flower.

To make a fondant or gum paste daisy, you will need:

Daisy cutout set

White (and a small ball of yellow for flower centers) gum paste or fondant–also known as flower paste–or you can use fondant strengthened with gum powder

Rolling pin

Powdered sugar (PS) or cornstarch (CS) (I just use whatever is handy at the moment)

Vegetable shortening

Thin shaping foam

Plastic painter’s palette (it’s a good idea to dust this too with PS or CS to prevent your flowers from sticking while drying) or flower-forming cups

Wilton #12 piping tip (for making plain circle centers) — optional

Small amount of water & fine-tip paintbrush

Yellow pearl dust and paintbrush (optional–use if you want shimmer to your daisy center)

Veining tool or toothpick


Notes about flower making in general:

*Shaping foam is used to provide a soft surface for creating details on your flowers. Thin shaping foam (used here) is helpful for veining and thinning petals.

*Flower-forming cups add a nice curved shape to your petals. I alternate between using this and a painter’s palette for my flowers, depending on size.

*I posted a link to the daisy cutouts I am using in this tutorial, which cost about $3. If you are really interested in learning to make flowers, I highly recommend the Wilton Gum Paste Flowers Set. It comes with the blossom impression mat I used in my simple gum paste blossom entry, as well as a set of daisy cutters among others. Highly recommended!

*Another handy set (no, I don’t work for Wilton, I swear!) if you get into fondant and gum paste work, is the 10 piece Gum Paste Modeling Tool Set. It has the veining tool, the ball tool, and others that make work with fondant and gum paste easier.

*Most major craft store chains offer the products above, and also offer weekly coupons from 40-50% off an item. This is great for these more expensive items, making the hobby more cost-effective!

To make the petals:

Roll out white gum paste or fondant thinly. Cut out two shapes per daisy.

Starting at the top of the petal, use your veining tool or toothpick to lightly indent a vein down the center of the petal. Continue around the flower. Push lightly–pushing too hard can tear the petal. If your toothpick or veining tool gets stuck, dip it in a little PS or CS.


When both flowers are veined, use your paintbrush to attach a small dab of water to one of the flowers. Lay the other flower on top, positioned so that petals are in-between those of the bottom flower. Place daisy in a  flower-forming cup or a plastic painter’s palette.  Set aside to dry.


To make daisy centers:

You can make a simple center for the daisy by squishing a small ball of yellow fondant flat for your center, but I prefer to roll out a small bit and cut out the center with the top of a Wilton tip #12. I then brush these guys with some yellow pearl dust to add sparkle.


If you have a Wilton Flower Impression Mat, you can use this to make a more detailed center. Roll a ball of gum paste and place inside crevice. Push gently, then remove.


Using a paintbrush moistened with water, attach center to daisy.

Small daisy with plain circle center:


Large daisy with center from Impression Mat:


So pretty… I always get a lot of compliments on these guys. They look really good on chocolate or yellow buttercream. Please take a look at the tutorials section for making leaves, royal icing cookies, other blossoms, and the cupcake swirl. If I get a request, I’ll write one up on the bumble bees.




Happy baking!



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