How to Make Gum Paste Leaves [by Victoria]

Gum paste (or fondant) leaves are a nice touch to your gum paste blossoms (simple or detailed). They’re pretty easy, and you can make a whole bunch at once and store them in a cool, dry place for later use (I like to use a bead organizer for jewelry making for mine).

To make leaves you will need:

A leaf cutter or plunger set

Cornstarch or powdered sugar (CS or PS)

Vegetable shortening

Rolling pin

Green fondant or gum paste


Plate dusted with CS or PS to let leaves dry on

Optional tools and supplies:

Color dust or pearl dust

Thin shaping foam

Wilton Flower Impression Mat  (This is excellent if you are going to get into flower making!)


Two-sided leaf veiner (unfortunately, the company I bought mine from is no longer in business)


To make hand-veined leaves:

This is the most cost-effective way to make leaves. The only tools you need are your leaf cutter and a toothpick.

*Roll out your fondant or gum paste thinly. Cut out leaf shape. With a toothpick, make a line down the center of the leaf. Then starting from the center outwards, drag the toothpick to the end of the leaf. Repeat on other side. Set aside to dry.



To make leaves using a leaf plunger:

This is probably the simplest, time-effective way to make leaves. You can make a bunch very quickly, and they are really pretty.

*Roll out gum paste or fondant thinly. Use your leaf plunger to cut out a shape. Once shape is cut, press down on plunger to imprint veins. Lift up, and out comes a pretty veined leaf 🙂




To make veined leaves using a double-sided veiner:

Cut out leaf shape and set in veiner, making sure to line the cutout shape in the center. Fold over the veiner, sandwiching your cutout. Press down, then lift up.

This makes a very realistic-looking leaf.





Making leaves using Wilton’s Flower Impression Mat:

After cutting out your leaf shape, rub a little CS or PS on the mat. A lot of people use a special dusting pouch for this, but I just use my fingers. (It’s one less product to buy).  Lay the leaf down, centering it over the mat. Using a piece of shaping foam (if you don’t have shaping foam, use your fingers, but make sure they are dipped in CS or PS first to avoid the gum paste or fondant sticking to your fingers) press gently all around the leaf. Gently remove from veiner.



I like to use a bit of color dust to add dimension to the larger leaves. I think it makes them look very impressive. Just use a paintbrush and apply after the leaf has had a bit of time to dry.


Either way, there are a lot of ways to make leaves for your flowers.

Happy baking!!




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