Grandma Hedge’s Chocolate Syrup Walnut Brownies [by Victoria]

I love to eat brownies. Love, love, love. Not having a good brownie recipe, despite it being one of my favorite desserts, I asked around for a recipe. Much to my surprise, most everyone responded with, “I don’t have one, I just use a mix.” Flabbergasted, I continued to inquire until I managed to collect three recipes: one using cocoa powder, one with chocolate baking squares, and one with chocolate syrup. Intrigued by this concept, I am going to start with the chocolate syrup recipe from Grandma Hedge.

You will need:

1/2 cup softened butter

1 cup sugar

4 eggs

2 cups chocolate syrup

1 cup + 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 cup walnuts, plus more for garnish, if desired (can you tell by the photo that I desired?)

1. Cream butter and sugar.

2. Beat in eggs and chocolate syrup.

3. Add flour, vanilla, and nuts.

4. Spread into greased or parchment-papered 10×15″ pan for 24 minutes at 350 degrees.

Since I usually make a couple of modifications to a recipe, I was surprised by how little I actually did change of this one. The biggest change was the chocolate syrup.  The original recipe called for “one pound can of chocolate syrup,” but it must not be sold in cans around me because I could NOT find it that way anywhere. So I used a little math and came up with 2 cups. Also, because I don’t have a 10×15 pan, I used a 9×13 and increased the baking time to 27 minutes. And, right before putting the pan in the oven, I covered the top with walnuts. Because I love walnuts. Love, love, love. I don’t know who Grandma Hedge is, but these are some pretty awesome brownies.

When I’ve eaten through this pan, I’m going to give the other recipes a try. I’ll do posts on them and see how it goes.  But if you have a recipe you like, please share.  🙂

Happy baking!!




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