Ladybug Pretzels [By Erin]

My niece had her first birthday over the weekend and my sister made it a ladybug theme. So Victoria and I were tasked with some candy treats to make.

We wanted something that the kids could enjoy and still have that grown up look.

What you’ll need:
Black candy pen
Red candy melts (1 24oz. bag will make 24 ladybugs)
Chocolate candy melts (2 24oz. bags)
White chocolate candy melts (1 24oz. bag)
Pretzels (2 per ladybug)
Equipment (if you read this blog regularly you’ll know I only recommend products I think make your life easier):
Candy piping bags
Parchment paper
Ladybug Candy Molds

To start:

Melt candy in the chocolate pot. After it melts set the pot to “warm”. Your candy will stay perfect for use for hours.

Using the black candy pen fill the head and holes of the ladybug molds. Place in the fridge to cool.


After cooling for a bit. Fill with the red candy and place back in the fridge until completely cool. After they cool the candy will pop right out of the mold.


For the pretzels melt chocolate in pot. Dip two pretzels and place together on the parchment. Repeat for all the pretzels you’ll need. Cool for a few minutes (just until the pretzels set.)

Finally melt the white chocolate and place into a piping bag. (If the chocolate looks to thick add a tablespoon of vegetable shortening. It will thin it without changing the flavor.) Cut the end of the piping bag stripe the pretzels the affix the ladybugs with a dollop of white chocolate. Let completely cool and enjoy!!



5 thoughts on “Ladybug Pretzels [By Erin]

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  2. Where did you find the ladybug candy mold? I saw one on amazon; is it the same? Just wondering if they are all the same size and come with the holes for the dots and head. Thanks!

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