How to Fill a Cupcake [by Victoria]

Filling a cupcake is a great way to add a little extra oomph to your treats. I love to put something extra in some of my treats, when I’m not too pressed for time. Lemon curd, strawberry compote, pudding, frosting, jam … they make that bite more special.

There are three ways to fill a cupcake with a creamy filling–you can use a paring knife, a cupcake corer, or a Bismarck tip (Wilton tip 230).


Way 1: Paring knife

Assuming you have a paring knife already, this is a fast way to add filling. Take your cupcake, and hold the paring knife at a 45 degree angle. Insert into the cupcake about 1/3 to 1/2 the way and cut around in a small circle. When you reach the starting point of the cut, pull the cake out.



You now have a nice hole in which to add your filling. I’m using a raspberry jam (I snipped off the end of a large Ziplock bag and put the jam inside, so I wouldn’t have to fuss with a spoon), which may make the following a bit hard to see:


Way 2: Cupcake corer

This is a neat little tool, and not too expensive at under $5. To use, take your cupcake and, holding the corer at a 90 degree angle, insert into cupcake. The little red plunger inside will rise up, filling the inside of the corer with cake. When you feel you’ve gone far enough, give it a little twist and pull out.




Voila! A perfect little hole  🙂

Way 3: Bismarck tip (Wilton tip 230)

The Bismarck tip is (for me) the easiest way to fill the inside of a cupcake when using something thicker, like peanut butter or frosting. It works easily enough: plop the tip in your piping bag, fill the bag, then insert the tip halfway into the cupcake. Squeeze to release the filling. The cupcake will start to swell. When you see filling start to come out of the top of the cupcake, you’ve filled to capacity. Pretty simple, but really adds a great touch to the taste of your treat!




These all work great for cream or jam fillings. If you want to use fresh fruit or berries (I love to put raspberries inside my chocolate raspberry cupcakes), the only way I’ve found that works is to use a cupcake surprise pan.  This pan is simple enough to use–push your cupcake liner over the spike (make sure you grab any bits of paper that fall off), pour in a little batter, then insert your treat on the spike. This prevents the treat from sinking to the bottom of your cupcake and making a blobby mess at the bottom (which has, of course, happened to me when not using the pan and trying to put fresh raspberries inside). Then fill to about 2/3 full and bake as your recipe instructs.

Any ideas you’d care to share let me know! I love to add a little special something to my cupcakes 🙂

Happy baking!!



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