How to Make Penguin Cookies [by Victoria]

So after Erin’s idea for cookie week, this cake girl here has found a new hobby. I’ve become obsessed with decorating cookies! While playing around with my trusty piping bags I made this cutie. If you don’t have a recipe for sugar cookies or royal icing, you can check out my post on that here.

What you’ll need:

Sugar cookies cut into circles

Royal icing tinted in black and orange (if you don’t have the heart sprinkles or rainbow chips for feet and beak)

Piping bags fitted with #2 or #3 nozzles

Heart sprinkles (optional)

Orange rainbow chips (optional)

1. With your piping bag filled with white royal icing and fitted with your #2 or #3 nozzle, make the outline of a heart, but instead of bringing it to a point at the bottom, like a V, make a U shape and fill in with white icing.

2. While the icing is still wet, take your piping bag filled with black icing and fitted with the #2 nozzle, add two eyes. You can use a bigger tip if you wish, but then the eyes will be bigger. If you have orange rainbow chips, you can add your beak now as well. Let dry.

4. In the meantime, you can make your penguin’s feet. In my cabinet I had some heart sprinkles–I am kind of obsessed about buying sprinkles–as well as an orange edible marker. Instead of piping little heart feet in orange icing, I colored my white heart sprinkles orange.

4. When the white icing is dry, outline your circle with black icing and fill in. Add your orange heart feet while still wet. If you don’t have rainbow chips or heart sprinkles, add these details with some orange royal icing. Now you have super cute penguin cookies!







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